Wednesday, July 01, 2015
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Destination Management ZITA Congress is a Destination Management Company that provides top-class services to companies, associations, corporations and specialized DMC companties all over the world.
Congress Organization Zita Congress is one of the largest and most successful companies in Europe in the field of the Organization and Development of Conferences and Professional Tourism, Incentive Travel and Exhibitions.
Association Management Association Management: Managing an association is a very complicated and time consuming task. Our specialists in ZITA Medical Management can offer you an absolute complete and effective variety of services, improving immediately the short and long run results and targets of your association.  

ZITA Proposals

Dear Friend,

Since 1982, ZITA Congress has maintained four basic principles as a strategy and vehicle for its development.

These 4 principles are innovation, competitiveness, transparency and respect for the human factor and the environment.

For over 32 years  we have evolved the professional field in which we are active, by developing new services such as the management of scientific organizations and companies, medical tourism, as well as the effective use of digital media. Moreover, whithin our classic activities, such as organization of conferences, exhibitions, professional and scientific events, we have developed new techniques and practices, moving the borders of Greece, by establishing our certified under ISO (9001) quality services in all 5 continents.

On the issue of competitiveness, we have sought and seek constantly, the optimum point where quality and excellence meet the lowest possible cost. We have not just concentrated on the financial component, however, because competitiveness is a much broader notion. We have created new specialized departments within our company with the aim of completing vertical integration of a wide range of services covering both the classic (marketing, sponsorship, congress, graphic, IT) and innovative (management, event planning, editing, digital media communication) departments of the company.

Finally, we show utmost respect for people, culture and environment, since not only on our own initiative, but also with our financial support, we have brough people and cultures closer together, such as the organization of the Russian cultural week in Athens in 2001 and the Cultural weeks of Greek - Turkish Friendship in Athens and Ankara in 2000. We have trained dozens of students, mainly on conference tourism in cooperation with the Universities of Aegean, Piraeus and Patras. We have established important events and everyday practices regarding the environment, through the constant implementation of the ISO 14001, which the company was certified by several years ago.

Today, we believe that these people are the great capital for our company and from which we derive stregth and enthusiasm, in a difficult economic, political and social situation, to continue advocating the same principles which have been introduced since 1982: innovation, competitiveness, transparency and absolute respect for the people and the environemnt.


Zacharias Kaplanidis, Economist.
President and Managing Director
ZITA Congress and Travel S.A.






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What people have said...

  • "You and your team had to work under extremely difficult circumstances. Nevertheless your performance was excellent. I receive many congratulations from all parts of the world for it."

    Marita Eisenmann-Klein (Germany/President of IPRAS) for the Chinese-European Congress in Beijing
  • "…we would like to express our gratitude in appreciation for all you have done to promulgate our development and growth in our specialty the Plastic Surgery"

    Dr. Elsa Meza Britez (Paraguay) for the IPRAS Journal
  • "I am getting used to perfect organized congresses like this due to your perfectionism. It was wonderful from the beginning till the end, and very generous of course"

    Dr. Jan Poell (Switzerland) on the IQUAM Congress in Bratislava
  • "Your professionalism and punctuality throughout the workshop were a guarantee for its success, leaving therefore the participants and the sponsors very satisfied by the organization."

    Gino Rigotti (Italy/President of ISPRES) for the Fat Graft Workshop in Verona
  • "Meus Queridos, once more, you have rocked!!!"

    Dr. Nelson Piccolo (Brazil/General Secretary IPRAS) for the Pan African Congress in Kenya
  • "Splendid organization of which you can be truly proud!!"

    Albert J. Nemeth (USA) for LaserInnsbruck 2012
  • "We are grateful to your company for its input and organizing the 1st Pan African Congress of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Kenya"

    From the Kenyan Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Society for the Pan African Congress in Kenya
  • "With your management and gracious attitude in accepting losses and maintaining quality of the highest standard possible, you can add one more success to your esteemed company’s records."

    Andreas Yiacoumettis (Greece/President of ESPRAS) for the ESPRAS Congress in Rhodes
  • "Ειλικρινά αισθάνομαι την ανάγκη να σας ευχαριστήσουμε θερμά, διότι αυτή η επένδυση, είναι επένδυση για ένα καλύτερο αύριο γα το ακριτικό νησί μας."

    Πολύδωρος Λαμπρινούδης (Δήμαρχος Χίου) για το 38ο Νοσηλευτικό συνέδριο.
  • "I can say later on… I was in Rhodes!!"

    Dr. Paul Wylock (Belgium) for the ESPRAS Congress in Rhodes
  • "It was a great honor and a big pleasure for me to attend this wonderful event"

    Dr. Norbert Pallua (Germany) on the 17th IPRAS World Congress in Chile
  • "I believe that the challenge in Chile was great for both ZITA and IPRAS, but you did it in a pleasantly professional way....thank you."

    Dr. Ahmed Adel Noreldin (Egypt) on the 17th IPRAS World Congress in Chile
  • "I am very grateful of your wonderful work in this tremendous Congress. I have never seen such a coordination and dedication.

    Dr. Wilfredo Calderon (Chile/President of the Scientific Committee of the 17th IPRAS World Congress